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As a dedicated systemic coach, I offer a transformative coaching experience designed to address not just individual challenges but also the intricate dynamics within teams and organizations. My approach focuses on understanding and leveraging the systemic connections and patterns that influence personal and professional environments. By integrating systemic principles, I help clients gain deeper insights into their relational contexts, enabling them to identify and shift underlying structures that impact their success and well-being.

Through personalized sessions, I guide individuals, teams, and leaders to uncover hidden dynamics, enhance communication, and foster a culture of collaboration and resilience.


I specialize in providing comprehensive training programs focused on organizational development, designed to propel businesses towards achieving their strategic objectives while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability. My training offerings are meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of organizations, empowering leaders and teams to drive effective change, enhance operational efficiency, and cultivate an environment of innovation and collaboration.

Participants in my programs gain access to a wealth of knowledge and practical tools in areas such as change management, leadership development, team dynamics, and strategic planning.

About Becca

Becca Burrola brings a wealth of experience in leadership and team development to her role as an advisor for international companies. With a successful career spanning several disciplines, including training, coaching activities and learning design at Allianz Technology and Suisse, Puma SE, Nordsee, and Burger King Italy she has honed her skills over many years. In 2015, Becca relocated from California to Germany where she currently trains and coaches in English with a focus on helping individuals and teams reach their full potential.

Education / Certifications

M.Sc. In Psychological Learning Sciences (LMU Munich)

Resilience Author and Researcher
Certified Systemic Coach (dvct)
Agile Coach (acpc)

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